FINAL CASTING is HERE!! / by Kyrae Cowan

The scene, along a tributary of the Anacostia River...

A single man will be challenged to harness a great humility, actually bearing a great task seemingly of his own assumption, in the distant background. To subvert the importance of this man's role, casting black woman to lead and represent an impressive, cooperative, functional, intricate, poise community of dramatic individuals in the foreground.

The intricacies of inspirations and hopeful translations will be tried and further developed in a short series of forums, presentations and workshops in the few months preceding the realization of the video this late spring of 2018. 

The duration of this video, always in a single shot, is projected to be 10-15 minutes.

2 positions remaining to complete the composition.

For this video, apart from exclusivity or supporting our nations color fetish, I seek women of black identity, with said diversity, in regard to my original communities.

Videos are in full nudity 

EMAIL to schedule our call! 

Available for consultation Monday, January 15th-  Thursday, January 18th 8a-8p

Casting will be complete by COB Thursday

Please extend the opportunity to a fellow who may be interested

This built team will carryout my 12th video and it would be an honor to have you join.

Compensation transparency is available.