Looking Back at Forum One. Forum Two this Saturday! / by Kyrae Cowan

A condensed, transcribed clip from Forum One:


Active Prompt: “PASSERBY”

Seat Five:

“[ . . . ] observing a single man whom isn't totally a threat, and I’m imagining that like .05 seconds when first you catch eye contact with someone and you kind of lose the sense of oh thats a nice person and you go into threat level assessment for a second and we’re like shit; is he gonna stab me, gonna smile at me, are we just going to walk past each other or you fake like we don't see each other? You know that weird—It seems like a long time, but its super short and then it goes away; and then you do it again, and you do it again.  You continue to do this through out the entire day as your walking past people. You continually do this random threat level assessment for no apparent reason, maybe its a primal thing [ . . . ]

Seat Seven:

So when I sometimes pause in my day and I look at someone, I try to think of someone as a source of their dreams, so I think not so much whats that person’s story [ . . . ] 

Wow, I wonder what their dreams are, what their plans are? I wonder if there is a reality in which we introduce ourselves — instead of saying ‘this is how old I am,’ ‘this is where I live or this is my profession;’ 

I wonder what it would be like if we said so what do you dream of…

Kyrae's early take away:

In this first experiment, I was blown away by the imagery delivered and stories shared just by response to a single word prompt.  Each individual found themselves in a place where they could only deliver their genuine account, or sometimes, unable to offer anything without genuinely identifying a point to make.

About Seat Five:

How normalized is our perceptions of our neighbors as conflicted, suspicious and cynical? This is before the given circumstances which present our assumed and expected differences whether it be gender, race, ethnicity, size, style, etc.

About Seat Six:

How do we justify an interaction with our convenient neighbor?  What are your dreams is such a positive jumpstart into recognizing who this fellow may be and already generous in granting perspective and a readiness for compassion in the proceeding interaction. 

BE where you can:

I am proud about our fellow citizens marching this Saturday March 24th, for the overwhelmingly, innumerable, unattended issues about guns in the United States.

This dynamic circle essential to this next forum will only support new habits about taking time, to speak individual truths with one another, cultivating creativity in communal cooperation, recognizing due respects in our many particular identities in feminine power, and exclaiming our awareness about our human rights, responsibility, and belonging within nature. 

Wherever you find yourself this Saturday, be it with us, or marching, be proud to discuss and share peace with your community!